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1. Nov. 15-30, 2010   

a.) Human Beings, Beavers can Peacefully Co-exist

b.) A Gnawing Problem, Brandenburg Frets over Beaver Boom

c.) Fall is Beaver Season in BU’s Nature Preserve


2. Dec. 2010

a.) Criticism over Tayside [Scotland] beaver trap plan.

b.) Trying to trick those dam builders


3. Jan. 2011

a.) The secret lives of beavers have been revealed by a new study

b.) The Ecosystem Engineer


4. Feb. 2011

a.) Beaver Pond activists in Ottawa area stage sit-in.

b.) The beaver's new brand: eco-savior


5. June. 2011

a.) Beaver dam removal in Tigard (Oregon) catches attention...

b.) Beaver Wetlands, Effects upon Wildlife and Water

c.) Leave it to beaver: environmentalists celebrate the nobel beaver

d.) Canadian beaders threaten Argentina's forests


6. August 2011

a.) Critters, Once Reviled, Gain Popularity With 'Believers'; a Good Rodent Is Hard to Find


7. December 2011

Dog’s death sparks a fight over wildlife trapping (12/1/11)

A wildlife trap intended to kill invasive nutria in a Gresham neighborhood wound up killing a neighbor’s dog, too….Read More


8. February 2012

Nature's engineers: Volunteers will learn what to look for during beaver count (see the video too)

 Read more:

9. April 2012

Fracking Story

Bill Belitskus, Board President of the Allegheny Defense Project, gave this program on April 17, 2012 at BWW’s annual meeting in Canastota, NY  Watch Video